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Adidas Youtube Channel: 'the fastest growing brand'

Adidas currently employ the marketing company We Are Social to manage their social media. The primary platform that Adidas focus on is Youtube, their Youtube channel is located at: The channel was created on the 29th of October, 2005, and currently has 379,364 subscribers, with a total of 60,859,066 views (across all it's published content). In 2014, Adidas ran an extremely successful social media campaign for the FIFA World Cup, named: all in or nothing (#allin). Adidas stated, in 2014, that this campaign was making them the "fastest growing brand" on Youtube. Whether that assertion is still valid is debatable. The Adidas Youtube Channel has hundreds of video's published on it, the major of which feature sports celebrities promoting the brand. The video's are generally short in length: typically ranging from 30 to 60 seconds, with some lasting up to 3 minutes. The style of the video's are similar to television adverts, but most are without the mass appeal to justify a TV campaign.

The most recent video's added to the channel are as following:

  1. Find Focus - 536,072 views
  2. Ana Ivanovic: Find Focus - 32,371 views
  3. James Harden: Find Focus - 24,645 views
  4. Gareth Bale: Find Focus - 104,718 views
  5. Tori Bowie: Find Focus - 8,199 views
  6. Simona Halep: Speed Takes Aggression - 33,030 views
  7. Allison Schmitt: Speed Takes Progress - 11,639 views
  8. Jaqueline Carvalho: Speed Takes Guts - 27,356 views
  9. Jessica Ennis-Hill: Speed Takes Goals - 14,406 views
  10. Yohan Blake: Speed Takes Transformation - 35,875 views

The most watched video's on the channel are as following:

  1. Climachill: Not Made For Normal - 8,637,103 views
  2. Karlie Kloss: Here To Create - 5,751,970 views
  3. Robin Arzon: Here To Create - 4,526,334 views
  4. Caroline Wozniacki: Here To Create - 4,129,401 views
  5. Candace Parker: Here To Create - 4,015,858 views
  6. adidas Climachill : The Coldest meets the Boldest - 3,337,225 views
  7. Hannah Bronfman: Here To Create - 3,158,558 views
  8. Jaqueline Carvalho: Here To Create - 3,069,136 views
  9. adidas: Creators Never Follow - James Harden - 2,968,082 views
  10. Creating Chaos - 2,592,435 views