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World of Sports: adidas-Salomon AG new headquarters (1998)

Having recently created a new aktiengesellschaft, adidas-Salomon AG, in 1997, the new company decided it needed a new larger 'home'. The 'World of Sports' headquarters, located on the outskirts of Herzogenaurach, was opened in 1998 and was a former US military base. Herzogenaurach has been the 'home' of Adidas since it's creation in 1949 by Adolf Dassler. Adidas purchased Salomon AG for DM 2.4 billion in 1997: the Salomon Group owned the following sporting goods brands: TaylorMade Golf, Mavic and Bonfire. With adidas-Salomon AG having to administer over five large sporting goods brands, the previous headquarters of Adidas were not deemed fit for purpose, and the former US military base was the only location near Herzogenaurach that was already built and large enough to house 3000 employees.

The headquarters of Adidas AG, the year they moved to the former military base was in 1998.

The 'World of Sports' headquarters can be viewed in the above image; the main complex is a modern building constructed by Adidas, but the older American military campus can be viewed far right. The address for the 'World of Sports' is: Adi-Dassler-Straße, 91074, Herzogenaurach, Germany. In 2014, the German architects Behnisch Architekten won first prize in a competition to create a new office block for the 'World of Sports'. The new office block can support 2000 additional works and is spread across three floors. The design (shown below) is similar in style to the current modern office blocks shown above.

Behnisch Architekte office block submission for the world of sports, winner in 2014, yet to be completed as of 2015.

While it may surprise many observers that Adidas would continue to develop a headquarters near a small - Herzogenaurach has a population of only 20,000 inhabitants - rural German town, Adidas have always maintained that the heritage of the company and it's founder is essential to the ongoing mission plans of the company.