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Wordmark: what is an Adidas wordmark?

The image shown below is a close-up from the front of an Adidas men's tank top: the image displays the Trefoil graphical logo and the Adidas wordmark logo. The wordmark is simple a logotype that is text-only: therefore, an 'Adidas wordmark' is simple the word "adidas" printed onto Adidas products as a logo. The Trefoil logo, shown below, is distinct from the wordmark and is sometimes referred to as a logomark.

The wordmark is a typographic logo that is simple the word adidas printed as a logo onto products like shirts, shorts and shoes.

Many Adidas products only feature the Trefoil logo - without a wordmark - and there are just as many Adidas products that only feature the wordmark "adidas" without any type logomark like the Trefoil and Performance logo's. Wordmark's are a common feature of most businesses and corporations: Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Google, and IBM are examples of other multinational companies that also employ a wordmark, just as Adidas does.