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"What a Dassler!" - Daily Sketch report of the Adidas Dassler football boot

The following news story, printed in the Daily Sketch on the 30th of November 1954, reports on the new "Dassler boot", which was infact an Adidas football boot; but was referred to as the "Dassler boot" because Adolf Dassler (Adidas founder) had previously owned and managed the 'Dassler Brothers shoe factory' and was more renowned for that company in 1950's Britain. The Daily Sketch report states that the Dassler boot has "screw-in studs which can be adapted to ground conditions, cut away ankles, front lacing almost right down the front of the boot, a soft toe, and foam rubber interior. They are on sale in London, retail price 98s. The average British-made boot can be bought for 45s." The Dassler boot was worn by the West German national football team at the 1954 FIFA World Cup, who surprising won the tournament, beating the much fancied Hungarian side in the final.

A report from 1954, comparing the Dassler boot with the traditional English football boot.

The Daily Sketch is a now defunct English national tabloid newspaper: the paper was founded by Sir Edward Hulton, and operated from 1909-1971. The Daily Sketch was merged with the Daily Mail in 1971.