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  Q: Do wedge shoes have a standard height?


A: updated (24/02/2012)

No, the height of the wedge - which refers to the heel - can vary. For a shoe to be categorised as a wedge shoe, it needs to have a wedge heel which is prominent and obviously higher than that of a traditional shoe. As the picture below shoes, wedge shoes do not feature any space under the arch of the foot; the sole is basically flat, but tapers upwards at an angle.

The wedge shoe is mostly seen as a ladies shoe. The minimum heel height of a wedge shoe is around about two inches; the maximum heel height is around about six inches. The upper of a wedge shoe - the material above the sole - varies, and adheres to no specific design; the only part of a wedge shoe which remains standard, is the design of the heel, although the angle and height can vary.


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