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Q: Do Adidas have a UK webstore / webshop?

A Yes they do: it is located at the following URL: The Adidas UK webstore sells a wide range of Adidas products, and runs online promotions and offers. The Adidas UK webstore stocks two types of products: those designed and manufactured entirely by Adidas, and those designed by customers "customised" and manufactured by Adidas. The Adidas UK webstore is not owned and operated by Adidas U.K. Ltd; instead, it is owned and operated by another Adidas subsidiary: Adidas International Trading BV. Adidas U.K. Ltd has it's headquarters in Stockport, but Adidas International Trading B.V. has it's headquarters in Amsterdam; at the following address: Atlas Arena, Africa Building, Hoogoorddreef 9a, 1101 BA Amsterdam ZO, The Netherlands. Adidas U.K. and Adidas International Trading BV are both subsidiaries of the Adidas Group; the Adidas Group is the parent company based in Germany. Users have to be 16 years of age or older to be able to purchase products from the webstore. Because the webstore is not operated by Adidas U.K. Ltd, products have to be returned overseas; currently to the following address: Adidas International Trading B.V., CDC Rieste, Hildesheimer Strasse 4-10, 49597 Rieste, Germany. Likewise, the consumer laws that govern the UK webstore are based upon the laws of The Netherlands and not the United Kingdom.