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Q: Adidas Vouchers: are they available online?

A Adidas do run promotions online that provide voucher codes. Adidas (UK) Ltd operate over twenty Adidas retail stores in the UK - mostly Outlet stores - and there is an online UK website shop; located at Adidas provide vouchers for both their retail stores and their online store; typically the vouchers will be for either the retail store or the online store. Typically, there are two types of Adidas voucher:

  1. Percentage discount voucher (15% off etc.)
  2. Monetary amount voucher (£20) (gift voucher)

Why are retail shop vouchers different to online vouchers? This is outlined in the Terms & Conditions at the website states that it is owned and operated by Adidas International Trading B.V., a different subsidiary to Adidas (UK) Ltd, which owns and operates the retail shops in the UK. Therefore, retail and online promotions are generally created by a different Adidas company. So, how can you receive online Adidas vouchers? sign up for the and Adidas will email you the second an online promotion is created.