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  Q: What's the code for safety shoes in the United States of America?

  A: updated (10/02/2012)

The current code for the United States of America is F 2412-05. This code has been issued by the American Society for Testing and Materials. The code has replaced the Z41 1999 code, which was issued by the American National Standards Institute. If you do own a safety shoe which is compliant with the old Z41 1999 code, then you probably have nothing to worry about. The new F 2412-05 code removed the impact and compression requirements of the previous Z41 1999 code; therefore, your shoes should comply with the new regulations, and possible may exceed them - though this may not be the case. The F 2412-05 code is primarily concerned with providing protection against; metatarsal, toe, and foot sole injuries.


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