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Upside down Trefoil logo

As reported by the Daily Mail, leading fashion designer Alexander Wang has agreed to partner with Adidas to release a new range Adidas Originals clothing. During a fashion show in New York, Wang closed the show - held at the Hudson River Pier - with a brief teaser of his upcoming Adidas Originals collection; Wang rated this show: "the biggest show we've ever done." Over 70 models displayed black Adidas apparel with the Trefoil logo turned upside down; similar to the image shown below - this image has been crudely modified by myself - the fashion show pictures can be viewed on the Daily Mail website. Whether Alexander Wang official collection will feature an upside down Trefoil logo is anyone's guess.

A mock-up of an existing adidas tracksuit top with the trefoil logo turned upside down.

For those of you unaware, the Trefoil logo was released by Adidas in 1971, and was the only logo used by Adidas until 1997. The Trefoil logo was replaced by the Performance logo, but the Trefoil logo is still used on heritage products (those designed before 1997) and on new products that are inspired by heritage products: referred to as the Adidas Originals collection. Alexander Wang will be releasing an Adidas Originals collection, therefore, it will adhere to traditional Adidas designs incorporating the trefoil logo. Wang has indicated that his new Adidas collection - still unnamed - will have designs that are "fresh" but preserve the traditional "familiarity". Wang is not the first fashion designer to collaborate with Adidas: there has been Stella McCartney and Yohji Yamamoto collections.