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When did Adidas begin making tracksuits?

The first Adidas tracksuit was released in 1967 - modeled in the below image by Franz Beckenbauer - and it was the first piece of clothing ever designed and sold by Adidas. Until 1967, Adidas had only ever manufactured footwear, and the tracksuit was Adidas' first 'baby step' in expanding their product line and becoming the sportswear behemoth they are today.

The first ever adidas tracksuit released in 1967. 1967 Tracksuit Tiro 15 Tracksuit, modern version of an adidas tracksuit Sereno 14 Polyester Tracksuit, which black pants and a red jersey. Modern Adidas Tracksuits

The tracksuit shown above left - the Adidas' first piece of apparel - is still manufactured today: it is named the Adidas Firebird tracksuit. Most Adidas tracksuits have the design feature of having the 3-stripes stitched onto the side of the pants and the jacket. Futhermore, most Adidas tracksuits feature a logo on the left hand pocket of the pants, and right hand chest of the jacket; the first Adidas tracksuit (shown above left) did not feature a logo because the first Adidas logo was developed in the early 1970's.

Traditionally, the jacket/top of the tracksuit features a zip down the centre, but the collar of the jacket varies greatly; some tracksuit jackets feature a hood, therefore they are referred to as a: hoodie / hoody tracksuit. Classically, Adidas tracksuits are made from cotton, but some are made from polyester - increased protection from the rain - or a combination of cotton and polyester. Modern Adidas tracksuits also feature new patented fabric technologies like Climacool: which provides superior ventilation when compared to the traditional / heritage products.