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  Q: What are the causes of feet sweating?

  A: updated (21/03/2012)

You could categorise the causes into two main camps.

  1. Physical conditions of the body.
  2. The footwear products worn.

The most common physical conditions are fairly obvious, such as physical exercise and activity - such as running, playing sports and walking. Another obvious cause is a warmer climate. The less obvious cause are illness and stress: anxiety, a symptom of the fight or flight response, produces sweat, and is theorised that sweat is produced to make the body harder for a predator to grab a hold of.

The other cause of feet sweating is footwear products: wearing thick socks and a thick leather or canvas shoe in a warm climate is obviously going to lead to feet sweating. However, the design of a shoe's upper can play a large part in keeping the foot cool. Manufacturer's often talk of breathabiliy: many sports shoe manufacturer's have developed "mesh" materials for the sole purpose of helping the foot breath and lower the buildup of sweat. Letting a foot breath through air vents allows sweat to evaporate.

The problem with many materials - such as PVC plastics and rubber - is that they are ideal for protecting the foot from weather condition's - such as rain - but, are notoriously poor materials for letting the foot breath.


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