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  Q: Could you name an iconic squash trainer?

  A: updated (20/04/2012)

Iconic would depend on your country of origin; in the United Kingdom - in the past thirty years at least - one squash shoe has dominated sales, and has thus become iconic:the Hi-Tec Squash Classic Court Trainer.

The shoe has not been altered for decades, with the design simple, effective and cheap. The shoe has been developed specifically for squash, and still only costs within £20-30. The shoe features a fabric mesh upper to keep it light and beathable, while incorprating suede to hold the toes and foot in place.

The midsole features cushioning, but the outer sole is gum rubber, which warms up as you play to provide maximum grip, and does not mark the squash court surface. To be honest, very few manufacturer's have made shoes specifically for squash - Asics do - but, few if any are as iconic and have the history of Hi-Tec's shoe.


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