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Do Adidas make socks?

Yes they do; highlighted in the below images. Adidas were founded in 1949, but it was only by the year 1967 that the company began to make clothes. In the intervening years 1949-1967, Adidas only manufactured footwear. The first piece of clothing that Adidas made was a tracksuit; by the 1970's Adidas began to make socks.

Top of some white socks, which has the trefoil logo printed in black, sown into the sock. Bottom of the same pair of white socks, a classic dating back to the 70's. A modern pair of Adidas socks, in black, with the performance logo from the 90's.

The white socks, shown above, are a classic example of early Adidas socks - released in the 1970's. They feature the trefoil logo; a logo released in the early 1970's to clearly identify Adidas products from copycat clones. The black socks, shown above far right, are a modern example of Adidas socks; the performance logo was released in 1997 and replaced the trefoil logo. Adidas socks are primarily made from Cotton, although they are sometimes made from a combination of cotton, polyester, elastane and nylon; over 60% of composite socks material is still cotton. Standard Adidas socks come in two types: Crew socks (a traditional sock, shown above) and Ankle socks. Ankle socks only cover the ankle, and when worn with shoes, make it appear the person is not wearing socks. Alongside standard casual wear socks, Adidas also make socks for sports uniforms, such as: knee length football, rugby and hockey socks.