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Q: Adidas offer: Shop again and save 10%

A In June, 2006, Adidas have provided a new offer: Shop again and save 10%. Simple put: if you have previously made a purchase at the Adidas UK webstore (, you will receive 10% off your next order placed with them. There is no information about how long the offer will be available.

Offer, shop again and save 10% on your next order placed online at Adidas.

Adidas state that the voucher code for the offer is provided in a 'flyer' in every order box. Therefore, if you did not receive a flyer the offer was not 'live', and if you do not receive a flyer in the future the offer will have ended. If you do have a voucher code, all you need to do is enter it into the Adidas checkout system of your next order. There is no information about how long the voucher code is valid for; it should be printed on the flyer, but I cannot verify that at present.

Note: a 'flyer' is defined as "a small handbill advertising of an event or product". A flyer is usually a single page leaflet, and smaller than an A4 size piece of paper; however, it can also come in the form of a: handbill, pamphlet, handout, leaflet, bulletin, brochure, poster and a public notice poster.