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  Q: How can I restore the shape of my ankle high boots?

  A: updated (02/04/2012)

When it comes to shoes, the accessories most commonly used to restore the shape of the leather - and remove creases etc - are a shoe tree and a shoe stretcher. When it comes to boots, these items - while still useful - are not specifically designed to reshape boots. One product that does restore the shape of boots is called a "Ankle Boot Shaper"; made from acrylic, it's a tube of plastic which forms the shape of a boot, and helps to stretch the boot to remove creases and reverse the effects of the sole curling. The boot shaper is a fairly inexpensive product, costing below £10; there are ankle high boot tree's, but they are fairly difficult to track down and are expensive - however, if you can afford one, the do provide superior vamp support.


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