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Is there a sculpture of Adi Dassler in Herzogenaurach?

The sculpture was installed in the Adi Dassler Stadium, and it is indeed located in Herzogenaurach. The Adidas company was founded in Herzogenaurach and the headquarters of the Adidas Group are still located there. Adi Dassler is the most famous son of Herzogenaurach, and, it is therefore of no surprise that he has been honoured with a bronze statue. The sculpture was created by Josef Tabachnyk - an artist who currently resides in Nuremberg - the sculpture is life size and was installed at the Adi Dassler stadium (in Herzogenaurach) in 2006. There are reproductions of the sculpture, of different sizes, that are located in Adidas stores and offices worldwide; one such location is the flagship Adidas Originals store in New York City (currently the largest Adidas Store in existence).

The bronze sculpture of Adi Dassler, founder of Adidas, that is loctated in the Adi Dassler Stadium, which is located Herzogenaurach, the 'home town' of Adidas, that is located in Germany.