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  Q: What is a sandshoe?

  A: updated (18/04/2012)

This is a term which is used - and originated - in Australia. In the UK a sandshoe is known as a plimsoll, and in the US it is referred to as a deck shoe. The image below shoe's a typical sandshoe, which needs to have a canvas/fabric upper and a rubber sole. As the image shows, the sandshoe is a basic shoe, shorn of an elaborate design or texture.

Dunlop is a popular brand of plimsolls/sandshoe's in both the UK and Australia; the Dunlop Volley - pictured above - is one of the most popular sandshoe's sold in Australia. The Dunlop Volley was developed by Dunlop Australia in 1939, and is still manufactured by Dunlop Sport of Australia, which is a separate entity to the Dunlop sports brand manufactured outside of Australia.


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