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Adidas Samba: football training shoe and casual sneaker

The Adidas Samba was originally designed as a football training shoe - indoor and outdoor use - and became one of Adidas' most iconic and successful products. Adidas were founded in 1949, and the Adidas Samba was released in 1950: making it Adidas' oldest shoe that is still in production. Some reports suggest that is may be the oldest shoe currently still in mass production. The Adidas Samba was designed by the founder of Adidas: Adolf Dassler. The Samba design created the blueprint for all future Adidas footwear: it's classic three stripes design has been implemented into the vast majority of Adidas shoes.

The Samba training shoe was the first training shoe that enabled footballers to adapt to a range of weather conditions. The Samba was renowned for it's ability and versatility on icy football pitches. In the early 1950's, the Samba training shoe weighed half the weight of the traditional English football boot; however, it did retail for nearly twice the price. While the Samba began 'life' as a football training shoe, it has evolved to become a casual sneaker. Adidas have stated that the Samba is their second best selling sneaker: with over thirty million sales since it's launch; the Adidas Stan Smith is the best selling Adidas sneaker. The following pictures are Adidas Samba sneakers:

Modern version of Samba adidas shoes, placed upon the classic blue box Adidas Samba

The Samba classic features a longer tongue, ideal for supporting the foot when kicking a football. Samba Classic

A used pair of Samba sneakers that feature a  white rubber sole. Adidas Super Samba

The Adidas Samba does not come in a single version, the following Adidas Samba versions have been released: 62, 85, Classic K, Classic M, Super Samba, JP, NUA, MTL, Millennium; and 523. Most versions of the Samba look similar: one of the differences is the size of the tongue. The version of Samba that 'stands out' for it's difference is the Super Samba: which incorporates a large toe bumper into it's design. The latest version of the Samba is the 'mi Samba': which has upper material that can be customised with thousands of designs. The 'mi' app can be downloaded from the Adidas website, and provides customers with the tools needed to customise their shoes.

Traditionally, the Adidas Samba features a kangaroo leather upper, suede overlay for the toes that adds durability and protection, an EVA midsole for cushioning, and a cleat rubber outsole. The Samba has been released with an all-suede upper, but traditionally the upper of the Samba is made from kangaroo leather; which is claimed to be softer than normal leather and ideal for striking a football with. The standard colourway for the Samba is a black leather upper, with white stripes and a white heel patch. However, the Samba is released in the reverse, with a white leather upper, and black stripes and a black heel patch. Suede versions of the Samba have been dyed in a vast array of colours.