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Rubber shell toe; toe protection for Adidas shoes

The rubber shell toe is a feature implemented into a handful of Adidas shoes; mostly shoes designed for basketball. Adidas shoes that include a rubber shell are as follows: Adidas Superstar, Adidas Superstar II, Adidas Pro Shell and Adidas Pro Model.

Adidas Superstar II, front angle view of the shell toe of this basketball shoe. Close up view of the rubber shell toe, showing the dna style spiral design formed into the rubber.

The purpose of the rubber shell toe is to protect, cushion and guard the toes; in other basketball shoes it is simple referred to as a 'toe guard'. Basketball is a sport which includes alot of jumping and landing; specifically, jumping and landing in close proximity to other players, who can land on an opponents foot. The rubber shell toe is a rigid rubber which offers a strong impact buffer for the toes, when compared to a standard leather, suede or canvas toe section. Using a rubber toe guard was not originally thought of by Adidas: the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star features a durable rubber toe cap, and it was added to the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star in 1949; 20 years before Adidas designed the rubber shell toe and released the Adidas Superstar.