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Q: Adidas to manufacture shoes in robot-equipped factories?

A That is currently the plan that Adidas has: robots are becoming increasingly sophisticated and Adidas believe that they may be capable of manufacturing a fiddly item like a shoe. Adidas are currently discussing the implementation of the system with robotics experts - like Yves-Simon Gloy - which will see production return to Germany and Europe. Adidas originally had a 'Made in Germany' tag printed onto their shoes, but in the 1990's they moved production to Asia to cut costs and increase profits. Robots will knit together the upper of the shoe and 3-D printing - already available - will mold the sole of the shoe. When will robot-equipped factories begin making Adidas shoes? not in the immediate future, but projections suggest it may occur by 2022-2030. The main benefit to Adidas will be to cut labour and shipping costs; most of Adidas' products are sold in North America and Europe, and the cost of shipping products from factories in Asia has always been a handicap in placing manufacturing so far from Adidas' main customer base.