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Q: online orders: Your right of withdrawal (14 days)

A Online orders placed at the website are managed by the Adidas subsidiary company: Adidas International Trading BV. This subsidiary company is based in Holland, and orders placed at are shipped from a warehouse in Germany. When an order is placed at the terminology that Adidas describe this order as is a 'contract'. There are three requirements that a consumer needs to meet in order to enter into a contract with Adidas: 1) consumer needs to be 16 years of age or older 2) customer needs to be a consumer and not a reseller 3) customer information provided needs to be accurate. Once the contract (order) has been placed, a customer has a period of time they can cancel the contract: termed 'Your right of withdrawal'. The 'right of withdrawal' period is currently 14 days in length - from the date the order was placed - and no reason needs to be given to cancel the contract with Adidas. So, how does a customer exercise their right of withdrawal? by one of the following four options:

  1. Visiting the following website:
  2. By post
  3. By fax
  4. By email

Once Adidas have received and accepted a withdrawal they will reimburse all payments made in relation to the contract (order) that has been withdrawn. For more information about canceling an online order with Adidas visit: