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Q: Adidas offer: Be a critic and get 10% off

A In June, 2006, Adidas have launched an offer that gives customers 10% off their next order: all they need to do is provide a review for the previous products they have ordered from Adidas. The offer is currently listed on the promotions page of the Adidas UK webstore (

Be a critic offer, where Adidas customers can get 10% off their next order.

First you will need to have an account at the website - the promotion doesn't state whether you can only write a review for a product ordered or for any product that takes your 'fancy'. Once you have an account, you simple natigate to the product page and click on the 'write your review' link. Adidas state they will then email you a voucher code; once they have verified and accepted your review. The Adidas UK webstore has a wide range of baby (0-4), kids (4-8), junior (8-14) and adult (14+) products. The Adidas UK webstore is managed by a different Adidas company (subsidiary) to the Adidas company that runs the 'real world' UK Adidas shop's; so the offer is only valid to orders placed online.