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Q: Can I return orders placed at the adidas webstore?

A Yes. have published a six-step guide to returning orders placed with the webstore.

  1. Login to and select the item you wish to return.
  2. Ensure the return tracker and order number is correct before hitting the submit button.
  3. Print the return label and form.
  4. Pack the products you wish to return in the box they arrived in.
  5. Stick the return label on the front of the box - on top of the original address label (for your home).
  6. Deliver the box - containing the product you are returning - to your local drop-off point.

Currently consumers have one hundred days to return products; except for 'mi' customised shoes and apparel, which cannot be returned - these are products where consumers pick a specific colour scheme for a select range of shoes and track suit tops. Adidas state that refunds will be issued within fourteen days and should include the delivery costs of the order; the refund will be dependent on the quality of the return product, and whether the condition is deemed good enough to warrant a refund. If gift vouchers were used, then the full amount should also be reimbursed; however, the small print of certain vouchers and promotions may indicate that a refund is not possible; you will need to double check the small print. Exchanges are not currently possible with UK webstore orders; you will have to order the product you want with the refund issued for the original product.