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Adidas label on the quarter of the shoe?

The upper of a shoe is the material that surrounds the foot and is stitched onto the midsole / outsole. The upper of a shoe also has different sections, such as the 'vamp' and the 'quarter' section. The vamp of a shoe covers the front of the foot and the quarter covers the side and rear of the foot. The quarter is sometimes stiffened with an overlay to provide support for the heel. Adidas sometimes place a label on or near the quarter of the shoe; shown below (image).

The quarter is a section of the upper of a shoe that adidas sometimes place a logomark or wordmark onto.

The label that Adidas place on the quarter of their shoes is a wordmark: a wordmark is a logo that is text-only. The wordmark Adidas uses is typically the name of the shoe, such as the: Stan Smith, Dragon, Samba, Gazelle and Trimm Trab. Traditionally, Adidas have not used the word "adidas" on their wordmark labels, but, as highlighted by the above image, they have started to use it on a select number of OG (Original) versions of their heritage shoes: such as the Adidas Dragon OG and the Adidas Gazelle OG.