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Are there powerlifting shoes made by Adidas?

Yes there are: Adidas have made a range of powerlifting shoes - for decades - and one such example is shown in the image displayed below. It is fairly easy to recognise an Adidas powerlifting shoe: it will have a wedge shaped midsole and a strap that is placed across the laces. The wedge shaped midsole provides heel support that gives powerlifters stability, support and protection when 'lifting'. The strap, usually referred to as a 'Hook and Loop' instep strap, creates stability, ensures the shoe fits comfortable and securely around the foot, and that the shoe provides rearfoot integrity.

Adidas Power Perfect II, white leather upper men's multisport indoor flat sole shoes. Integral rear-foot heel support to give added stability, and high density heel support for superb strength, durability, stability and support.

Adidas powerlifiting shoes are suitable for squat and power exercises; the stable midsole of the shoe shown above should make it suitable for full depth squats. The shoe shown above is a part of the 'Power Perfect' range of shoes, and replaces the 'Ironworks' range of Adidas powerlifting shoes. The Power Perfect range are medium priced shoes, Adidas' most elaborate and expensive range of powerlifting shoes is currently named the Adistar; which features: a polymer wedge for ultimate high-wear durability, VentFlow outsole, TORSION® SYSTEM and ADIWEAR™. Adidas Powerlifting shoes are not cheap, which is not surprising considering the high quality materials and build that powerlifting shoes require, and range from £75-£150.