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Portraits printed onto the tongue of Adidas shoes

Adidas shoes, endorsed by sports 'stars' and celebrities, sometimes feature a portrait and autograph of the person printed onto the tongue of the shoe. The first Adidas shoes to feature a portrait of the person endorsing them were the Adidas Stan Smith and Adidas Rod Laver; both number one ranked professional tennis players. The majority of Adidas shoes that feature a portrait/autograph are tennis shoes; alongside the aforementioned tennis shoes, is the Adidas Ilie Nastase, pictured below, a shoe that is currently not being manufactured.

Stan Smith, former number tennis star, his drawing and autograph on the tongue of a shoe. Rod Laver, one of the all time great tennis players, with his portrait printed onto the tongue of the adidas shoe his endorsed.

The Romanian tennis played Ilie Nastase, who has a drawing of his face, and autograph on the tongue of an adidas shoe. The Britpop star, and member of Oasis, who is part of the post-casual music slash terrace culture in the UK.

More recently Adidas have released limited edition shoes that are not endorsed by tennis players or sports 'stars', but by music celebrities. Adidas shoes transitioned from being just functional sports shoes to fashion/casual wear shoes in the late 1970's and 1980's; this was entirely accidental, and occurred in the UK, when members of the 'casual' / 'terrace' subculture stopped wearing 'boovy' boots and began to wear sports brands. Modern UK music bands, like Oasis and The Stone Roses, were a continuation of the 'casual' scene, and Adidas have released limited edition shoes endorsed by members of those music bands: Adidas Noel Gallagher, Adidas Liam Gallagher, and Adidas Ian Brown.