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Q: Is Adidas a portmanteau word of "Adi" and "Das"?

A Correct. A portmanteau word uses parts of multiple words and then combines them to make a single word. Adidas is a combination of two words: Adolf and Dassler. Adolf Dassler was the founder of Adidas, and he was called "Adi" rather than Adolf by his family and friends. Therefore "Adi", his first name, and the first three letter of his surname, "Das", were combined to create the name Adidas. There has been questions posted online asking whether Adidas is a acronym of either: "All Day I Dream About Sports" or "All Day I Dream About Soccer". Both are incorrect; the second especially so: as Soccer is called football in Germany; the country that Adidas were founded in. In conclusion, Adidas is a portmanteau word and not an acronym; it is a combination of three letters from two words, and not six individual letters from six words.