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Performance logo: released by Adidas in 1997

The Adidas Performance logo was released by Adidas in 1997, and replaced the Trefoil logo; which Adidas had previously released in 1971. The Trefoil logo is still used by Adidas on their Originals collection.

The standard Adidas performance logo with the adidas name printed below the logo. A rarely used example of the performance logo, which shows the adidas and performance text printed below the logo design.

The Performance logo is printed onto the majority of Adidas apparel released after 1997. Robert Louis-Dreyfus was Adidas CEO from 1993-2001, and under his stewardship Adidas' products were placed into three distinct categories: Originals, Performance and Equipment. Robert Louis-Dreyfus believed that Adidas' products had become stale by the early 1990's, relying too heavily on heritage products and Adidas were simple not innovating enough new exciting products. The Performance division, and logo, was a 'break away' from Adidas' core and tradition, into new products based upon science / technology, which looked nothing like Adidas products that had come before and simple 'performed' at the cutting edge of sportswear design. A prime example of a modern Adidas' product, that feature the Performance logo, are football kits used by professional football clubs like Manchester United and Bayern Munich: these kits feature a ventilated climacool® fabric that combats sweat and features a engineered mesh front panel; a prime example of a modern, scientifically based Adidas Performance product.