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Q: Paypal: can I use it to buy goods at

A Yes you can. The three payment options available at are: 1) credit cards 2) debit cards 3) paypal. Consumers can also use a credit card / debit card via the Paypal option; if you prefer the security features - PayPal Buyer Protection Policy - that Paypal provide for digital transactions. Paypal was founded in 1998, and it's IPO was released in 2002 - at the height of the dotcom bubble. Ebay managed to purchase enough Paypal stock to ensure that they owned the company; Paypal is now a subsidiary of Ebay. Paypal was/is the primary payment transaction service used on Ebay. However, Paypal provided/provides a range of online money transfer services; it was far from being solely a payment transaction service for Ebay when it was purchased by Ebay in 2002. Paypal was relatively unknown to the general public from 1998-2002; unless a consumer had sold/bought goods at Ebay, there is a likelihood that a consumer won't have used Paypal. From 2002-2016, Internet usage and online shopping increased exponentially; Paypal's profits increased and they began to advertise on the mass media channels. Present day, Paypal is a 'household' name, it is trusted just as much as Visa and Mastercard, and more and more webstore's need to provide it as a payment option if they don't want consumers to shop elsewhere.