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Q: What payment options does the Adidas webstore have?

A The Adidas webstore ( has three payment options: debit card, credit card paypal. The debit and credit cards that Adidas accept are as follows:

Why are there only three payment options? it is probably due to the ease / difficulty of providing a refund. With debit / credit cards and paypal, it is easy for Adidas to issue a refund to the payment account within 1-2 days. If a user pays with a cheque or cash, then the order and returns process will take longer and involve more administration work. The Adidas UK webstore is owned and operated from a Adidas subsidiary based in Amsterdam; therefore, any payment option that used the postal service would be more time consuming and potentially have an increased security risk: as paper payments would need to travel overseas from the UK. In conclusion, the Adidas UK webstore has three payment options and these payments options are digital payment options.