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Overlays: what are they on Adidas footwear?

Overlays are used on the vast majority of Adidas shoes, and are part and parcel of the classic / traditional Adidas sneaker design. The two most common overlays placed on Adidas shoes are are follows:

  1. Heel Patch (shown below in black leather; with a trefoil logo and Adidas text printed onto the leather)
  2. Three Stripes (shown below in a white synthetic material)

Leather overlays, placed on the heel, called a heel patch, that is black leather with a trefoil logo printed onto it, and the adidas name. Synthetic overlay, a plastic fabric that is being used as the overlay for the three stripes, stitched onto the fabric upper of the adidas shoe.

Adidas overlays have traditionally been made from leather, although an increasingly amount are made from synthetic plastics; some which look like leather. Overlays are typically placed on the upper of the shoe, although some overlays overlap the midsole and upper. Most overlays are stitched onto the upper's fabric; most heritage products have uppers made from leather/nubuck/suede, so it is easy to stitch an overlay onto these materials. However, modern Adidas footwear tends to have uppers made from fabrics, like Mesh, that can make it more difficult to stitch overlays onto the upper; these shoes tend to have the Adidas three stripe design printed onto the upper rather than stitched onto it as an overlay.