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  Q: Is returning an online order easy?

  A: updated (02/02/2012)

Shoes tend to have a high returns rate. First port of call when visiting any online footwear retailer is to check their returns policy. Retailers like Brantano are free of charge for all returns. They instruct consumers to re-pack items like jeans and shoes in the original packaging (always be careful when opening an online order), then apply the returns label provided. You should always ask for a free certificate of posting if using the Royal Mail.

Therefore if an accident happens in the post you have proof of postage. As long as you keep the certificate and reference number there should be no issues in receiving a refund. Brantano are an excellent example of a first class returns policy. Sadly this isn't the case with all retailers. Typically most will not refund postage and package charges. Many will only refund the credit card used for the order.

Finally nearly every retailer will not refund items which are worn, used or damaged. It's worth considering that retailers with real world stores like Brantano will accept online orders returned to their stores. M&S for example will allow the return of all their jeans, shoes, shirts, suits and apparels.


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