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Q: Online shop: when did Adidas open their online shop?

A I do not have an exact date when Adidas opened their online shop. The current online shop managed by the Adidas company is located at: This domain name was first registed on the 27th, May, 1997, and was registered by: Alberto Pedraz, Adi-Dassler-Platz 1 - 2, Herzogenaurach, 91074, Germany. This is the address of the Adidas Group; which is located in the small German town of Herzogenaurach. The domain name appears to have been first used as an online shop (by Adidas) in 2011; judging by the historical screenshots of the website on Prior to 2011, the domain name was redirecting users to the following address: The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine ( shows that the domain name did not operate an online shop in 2003 - it was simple promoting new Adidas products. By 2006, the domain name was promoting the domain name: Therefore, it appears that the first attempt Adidas UK made at operating an online shop was from 2006-2007, and the online shop was located at After that date the online shop may have been operated from the domain name, before finally being switched to it's current domain: