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Q: Adidas online orders: when are products not refunded?

A The terms and conditions of the UK Adidas webstore ( states there are three conditions where damaged or defective products are not refunded:

  1. Product is purchased from a source other than the Adidas website (
  2. Product is damaged due to negligence (spilling a chemical onto the products etc)
  3. Product is damaged due to abuse/misuse (using hiking boots for manual labour etc)

Adidas state that it is extremely rare for any of their products to be damaged or defective; however it does happen. If your product is damaged or defective - and it is not due to one of the reasons listed above - then Adidas will issue a full refund. When you return a damaged or defective product to Adidas they have a 'Quality Assurance Department' that will examine your returned product before issuing a refund. The Adidas subsidiary company that manages the online orders for Adidas is different to the Adidas subsidiary companies that manage the 'real world' bricks and mortar Adidas stores; this is the reason Adidas will not offer a refund on Adidas products bought from other Adidas sources; and of course third party sources.