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Q: National football teams that wear Adidas kits

AThe most obvious national football team that has worn an Adidas manufactured football kit is West Germany and the German national teams. Adidas are a German company, and they are the most successful German sportswear brand, therefore, it should come as no surprise that they have manufactured the West German and German national football kit for the past 40+ years. Previously, most national football teams stayed loyal to a national sportswear brand: for example, England's football kit has largely been manufactured by Umbro. However, not all countries have a successful sportswear brand, and these are the countries that Adidas typically make a national football kit for. Making a kit for a national football team is a lucrative business - due to the mass appeal of the kits in their home countries (and sometimes outside for big countries) - and the manufacturer and national football association can generate a large income from the sale of the kits. Therefore, small national sportswear brands cannot compete with the likes of Nike, Adidas and Puma when the kit manufacturing bidding process is open. The following countries currently have Adidas football kits: Argentina, Colombia, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Japan, Mexico, Wales, Paraguay, Spain, Sweden and Venezuela.