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Do Adidas trainers use a multi-directional sawtooth outsole?

Some of them do, such as the Adidas Dragon, pictured directly below. A sawtooth wave is not a 'pure sine wave', a pure sine wave is a mathematical curve that creates a smooth repetitive oscillation, whereas a 'not pure sine wave' - such as the sawtooth, square and triangle waves - is a maths function that provides multiple frequencies in a wave. A sawtooth wave has an application in mathematics, architecture, product design, and electronics. The sawtooth wave, when applied to the outsole of a trainer, helps to provide grip and traction: due to it varying in it's frequency and not being a smooth oscillation.

Showing the outsole of an Adidas dragon trainer that is using a sawtooth outsole. The sawtooth wave is a triangle wave, used in many design products, that is a kind of non-sinusoidal waveform