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Adidas to add Moscow and St. Petersburg shoes to the City Series

Adidas have announced that they are adding two new shoes to the City Series roster: Adidas Moscow and St. Petersburg. The City Series was launched in 1982, and featured fourteen shoes named after European Cities; usually prominent capitals like London and Berlin. Perhaps the most famous and most popular shoe of the City Series is the Adidas Hamburg. Each of the shoes has a slightly different design, most of the shoes feature a suede/nubuck upper and gold foil text. The gold foil text is the city the shoe is named after, and is printed next to the three stripes design. The City Series was not designed for athletic use, but as fashionwear: subcultures, like the 'casuals' in the UK, popularised the wearing of Adidas trainers as fashion accessories, rather than as a function sports equipment. The Adidas Moscow and St. Petersburg will be the first shoes in the City Series to be named after Russian cities; Russia has increasingly become an important market for Adidas. The Moscow shoe will have gold foil text that will say "Moskva" rather than the English spelling "Moscow". The Adidas Moscow will feature a white leather upper with red stripes, and the Adidas St. Petersburg will feature a black nubuck upper with blue stripes. Both shoes will feature a modern Gore-Tex construction to combat the winter cold of Russia.