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  Q: What is a modern day shoe?

  A: updated (02/02/2012)

A shoe is a type of footwear which is used to both decorate and protect the foot. The style and design of shoes has varied immensely over thousands of years. The modern day shoe typically comprises the following parts,

Sole - located at the bottom of the shoe.

Insole - located inside the shoe at the bottom.

Outsole - the part of the sole which touches the floor.

Midsole - located between the insole and cutsole.

Heel - located at the rear and attached to the cutsole.

Vamp/upper - material which holds the foot to shoe.

Lateral - material which faces outside of the shoe.

The modern day shoe tends to classified into the following popular styles,

Formal - typically worn during working hours.

Casual - typically worn whilst not working / weekends.

Male - the Oxfords being a prime example.

Female - the Stiletto being a prime example.

Unisex - a style which suits both sexes - example - the mule.

Athletic - sports shoes which are styled for both sexes.

Orthopedic - to correct people with problem feet.

Dance - designed for ballet and other dance styles.


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