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Adidas Micropacer: first running shoe to feature a computer (1984)

The Adidas Micropacer was one of the first running shoes to feature a microprocessor and sensor. The technology was capable of providing performance statistics for athletes: time, distance, speed and calorie consumption. The Adidas Micropacer was a forerunner to the Adidas miCoach; the miCoach provides: workout intensity coaching; fitness stats; trajectory stats for footballers; heart rate tracking; and average speed tracking.

The Adidas Micropacer placed the microprocessor (computer) on the tongue of the left shoe and the sensor - which feeds the microprocessor with information - placed on the toes. The microprocessor unit on the left shoe has a small LCD display - similar to a digital 80's wristwatch - that provides distance, calorie, and speed data. The Adidas Micropacer was released in 1984; therefore, the microprocessor was large and heavy when compared to present day technology.

The Micropacer sneaker was released with a: metallic silver-tone kangaroo leather upper; EVA injection molded midsole; rubber outsole; and a kangaroo leather lining. The micropacer computer can be viewed below:

The Micropacer, an adidas shoe that had a microprocessor that would record statistics, and was placed on the shoes tongue. The side view of the micropacer, with the computer and rudimental cpu positioned on the tongue of the shoe.

The Adidas Micropacer was built for long distance and marathon training; it was not suitable for sprinting, ball games and other athletic disciplines. The original Adidas Micropacer sneaker was released in 1984, and it was developed to tie-in with the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. The Adidas Micropacer was one of the first sneakers to be released in silver, and for it's day, it was a futuristic shoe that grabbed attention.

The Adidas Micropacer has been released as part of the Adidas Originals range of heritage sneakers; the last batch of Micropacer shoes were released in 2014. The shoe is sold on web portals, like eBay, for over £75. The Adidas Mircropacer has also been released in a selection of limited editions; such as: Gore-tex and Snakeskin Grey.