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Mesh fabric upper in Adidas shoes

The word 'mesh' is defined as: "a material made of a network of wire or thread." Mesh is a fabric that Adidas are implementing into a growing number of their new performance footwear; shoes designed for sportswear, outdoor pursuits, and athletics. The primary advantage of the mesh fabric is that it is lightweight, and it's network of 'threads' provides gaps in the fabric that air can enter through: cooling the foot and making the fabric 'breathable'.

Single layer mesh upper, with a network of fabrics that enable the foot to breath and sweat not to build up. Double layer mesh fabric upper that gives the shoe a fade out effect when the shoe is in motion.

The obvious benefit of a breathable mesh upper is that the foot doesn't sweat as much and produce as much odour. Some versions of Adidas' mesh can 'wick' sweat from the inside of the shoe to the outside, ensuring that any sweat produced is not absorbed by the fabric of the upper. One of the first Adidas shoe to feature a mesh upper was the ZX 500: released in 1984, the ZX 500 was a shoe designed for medium and long distance running. Present day, a vast array of Adidas shoes feature a mesh upper, such as: Loop Racer, Energy Boost, Pure Boost, and the Kanadia trail shoe.