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Q: Where are Adidas products manufactured / made?

A Adidas stated in 2011 that their products are manufactured in 1000-1100 factories:

Each year the amount of factories that Adidas contracts to make their products changes. Adidas have not stated what the productivity of the factories are. Therefore, we cannot know if the Asia-Pacific factories - which comprise the majority of the factories - make the majority of the products; perhaps the European factories are larger and more productive. However, it is fairly safe to surmise that the majority of Adidas products are manufactured in the Asia-Pacific region. Historically the majority of Adidas factories were based in Europe. The original Adidas factory was founded in Herzogenaurach, Germany; however, it was opened in the 1950's when German employment costs were lower. The change in policy was prompted in the early 1990's when Adidas began to lose money and needed to cut costs to remain competitive with the likes of Nike, Umbro, Reebok and Asics. Robert Louis-Dreyfus inherited a failing and sickly Adidas in 1993 - when he became the new CEO - and implemented massive cost cutting measures to bring the company back into profitability. The primary decision in the reorganisation strategy of Adidas was to move production to Asia, and specifically: Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, East Timor and China.