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Adidas sign 750million Manchester United kit deal (2014)

In 2014, Adidas signed a deal to make Manchester United's home and away football kit. The deal will be worth £750million - £75m per season - and will last ten years. It is the biggest football kit manufacturing deal ever signed; the previous biggest was between Adidas and Real Madrid and was worth £31m per season. Nike are the current manufacturers of the Manchester United football kit; that deal will end at the finale of the 2014-15 season.

Adidas previously manufactured the Manchester United football kit in the 1980's, and the last season they manufactured the kit was for the 1991-92 season. Ryan Giggs wore the previous Adidas Manchester United kit in his debut season in 1990. Adidas will also provide the training and coaching kit to all the club's teams; as Ryan Giggs is currently assistant manager, he will be the only club employee to have worn Adidas Manchester United kits from both eras.

Adidas have released details of the Manchester United kit design - shown below - and suggested the design was inspired by Manchester United kits from the 1970's and 1980's.

The home kit of the new Adidas men's home shirt for the 2015-2016 season, the kit is the biggest ever endorsement deal ever signed.

Due to Manchester United's huge international fan base, Adidas are hoping to strengthen it's global brand image; especially in North America and South East Asia, two regions where Manchester United's popularity is particularly high. Herbert Hainer, the long-serving CEO of Adidas, said the deal will "further strengthen our position in key markets around the world". Adidas expect to profit £1500 million from kit sales over the ten years. The value of Adidas shares increased 2% on the news of the deal with Manchester United; therefore, business experts believe the deal will represent a positive financial benefit to Adidas.

Media rumours suggested that Adidas may help United fund/attract Lionel Messi to sign for the club; Messi and Adidas currently have a football boot endorsement partnership. However, as the 2015/2016 has begun, it appears the rumour is without basis: Lionel Messi continues to play for Barcelona and Manchester United failed to sign a global superstar footballer. Adidas also manufacture football kits for the following football teams: Germany (international); Argentina (international), Bayern Munich, Nottingham Forest, Chelsea, Real Madrid, AC Milan, and, for the 2015-2016 season, Manchester United and Juventus.

Additional: Adidas have hinted they will release a range of retro Manchester United apparels, inspired by the 1985 FA Cup winning kit.