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Adidas Manchester: limited edition Spezial model

The Adidas Manchester is a limited edition version of the Adidas Spezial that was originally released in 2010. The shoe, shown below left, has been listed on eBay for over £900.00. The shoe is highly prized by sneaker collectors, and especially those who hail from the North West of England. Adidas have also announced that they will be releasing a Adidas GT Manchester (Greater Manchester) limited edition sneaker on the 6th of October, 2016. At present there are no pictures of the new Adidas GT Manchester, but rumours are the following aspects of the shoe will be updated in comparison to previous Adidas Manchester: debossed tongue, new footbed, and better quality upper materials.

Manchester sneakers, currently for sale for over £900 on ebay, designed by Adidas. The gold Manchester text on the limited edition blue and orange colourway of the shoe.

As stated, the Adidas Manchester and Adidas GT Manchester are limited edition versions of the Adidas Spezial: the Spezial was released in 1979 and was designed for indoor handball. The Adidas Spezial is still in production and is a popular member of Adidas' Originals collection. The original shoe traditionally features a full suede upper, whereas the Manchester limited edition of the shoe is a combination of mesh and suede overlays. The Adidas Manchester is not the first limited edition version of Spezial, there has been plenty of others, such as the: Boston and Adria.