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  Q: Are there any maintenance tips I should know of?

  A: updated (02/02/2012)

Leather shoes benefit from regular polishing, likewise suede shoes benefit from regular brushing. Kiwi is an excellent brand of polish which can be found in most shoe shops. A good polish helps to repair any small cracks or surface scratches on the leather. Additional use of a cream can also stop creasing.

A quality pair of shoes will have stitching around the sole so the sole can be replaced if a hole appears in the leather. Likewise the top piece of a heel is also replaceable for quality shoes. A good repairer, polish, cream, and shoe tree can extend the lifespan of top quality shoes over twenty years.

A shoe horn can also be used if you have tight fitting shoes, they help to avoid scuffing the leather by a forceful entry of the foot. It's also important not to get shoes with leather soles wet. If it looks like a damp day then bring out a cheap pair of shoes with a rubber sole. If you have a selection of nice shoes then alternate the days you wear them.

The leather absorbs sweat on warm days, and ideally they should be left for a couple of days to dry. Finally storage, find an area away from the sun or heat, a rack in the open is ideal. Shoes stored in a cupboard cannot breath as easily. Also use shoe trees, they stretch the shoe when not in use and this slows down the level of creasing and bending of the sole.


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