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Q: Did Adidas have a 'Made in Germany' tag?

A Some of Adidas' shoes did, and still do, have a 'Made in Germany' label stitched into their footbed. The Stan Smith and ZX500 OG are current shoes with a 'Made in Germany' label stitched into their footbed. When Adolf Dassler founded Adidas in 1949, the shoes that Adidas manufactured were made in Germany, and the majority were made in Herzogenaurach; a small German town located in Bavaria. The problem with maintaining production in Germany was that as post war Germany prospered, wages rose, which eventually resulted in the profit margin decreasing. In the late 1980's, Adidas even started to produce a loss - though mainly due to mismanagement. In the mid-1990's, Robert Louis-Dreyfus became the new CEO of Adidas and moved production of Adidas' shoes to Asia; the majority of Adidas' competitors had already done so. From 1996, to the present day, the majority of Adidas' shoes - over 250 million pairs per year - are manufactured in Asia, and no longer bare the 'Made in Germany' label. However, limited edition shoes are still produced in Germany, and do contain the 'Made in Germany' label; due to limited edition shoes commanding a higher price and make the manufacture of them (in Germany) feasible. Production may eventually return to Germany, alongside the 'Made in Germany' label, if Adidas can instruct robots to manufacture their shoes; something they are currently researching.