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Adidas Loop Racer: 'sleek' mesh fabric running shoe

The Adidas Loop Racer is a lightweight 'sleek' mesh fabric running shoe. The name of the shoe is inspired by the fabric lace straps that 'loop' around the shoe's upper; Adidas refer to the lace construction of the Loop Racer as a "Three Stripe Looped Webbing Construction Design".

Light weight running shoe, with loop straps which give the name of the shoe it's meaning. Rear of the loop racer shoe, in a grey and black mesh fabric upper. The rubber toe guard of the loop racer, which helps the fabric from getting scuffed.

While the Loop Racer is part of the 'Originals' range of heritage Adidas products, the shoe is a modern design that was developed in the last few years. The above images are taken of the 'SL' version of the shoe; the design of the SL Loop Racer is identical to the standard Loop Racer shoe. As the images show, the Loop Racer features a sleek and basic design; therefore, it does not contain a vast array of Adidas technologies. The Loop Racer contains: a mesh fabric upper - that comes in various colours - that is lightweight and enables 'breathability'; a comfortable textile inner lining; a lace strap 3-stripe design to provide cosmetic beauty and structural strength; 'pull' tabs on the heel and tongue that make the shoe easy to pickup; EVA injected midsole that provides cushioning for running and general wear; and finally a rubber outsole that includes a toeguard to protect the fabric upper from scuffs.