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  Q: Could you recommend a brand of lightweight hiking boots?

  A: updated (24/04/2012)

One of the first companies to develop a lightweight hiking boot was Hi-Tec. Hi-Tec have named their hiking boots Eurotrek - usually made from leather - they feature technologies such as TecProof, which make the boots both waterproof and breathable. Expensive brands - such as Timberland - feature a GORE-TEX membrane, which is another example of a material lining which is both waterproof and breathable. Whilst Hi-Tec manufacture lightweight leather hiking boots, the majority of lightweight boots are made from fabric's, or, a mix of fabric and nubuck/suede. Alongside Hi-Tec, some other popular brands of light weight hiking boots are listed below.

  1. Regatta
  2. Dewalt
  3. Johnscliffe
  4. Grisport
  5. Karrimor
  6. Berghaus
  7. Merrell
  8. Rockport

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