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New laceless Adidas football boot: Ace Purecontrol

Adidas have released new marketing pictures (shown below) of their new laceless football boot: Ace Purecontrol.

new lace less football boot that will be worn by Paul Pogba

The boot will soon be worn by professional football players endorsed by Adidas, and players currently 'plying their wares' in the Premier League; such as Paul Pogba (Manchester United) and Mesut Ozil (Arsenal). Due to a lack of laces, Adidas have stated the boot will feature an "uninterupted striking surface" that should provide more accurate volley shots. Adidas also state that it's the first high performance football boot that does not feature laces; ie, the first laceless boot to be used by professional players. Furthermore, Adidas say that the first football match to feature the boot will be next week when Mesut Ozil wears the boot in the Champions League when Arsenal play FC Basel.