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Q: Adidas Kids Stores: do these stores actually exist?

A Believe it not, yes they do. There are not many Adidas Kids Stores at present, and none are located in western Europe; so the concept is probably being tested before more stores are opened. Adidas categorise their products in the following way: Baby (ages 0-4), Kids (ages 4-8), Juniors (ages 8-14) and Adults (ages 14+). Having never visited an Adidas Kids Stores, I am unaware whether they only stock products for ages 4-8, or if they also stock baby and junior age products. The following Adidas Kids Stores are currently open; the stores located in the Russian Federation are excluded due to a language translation issue:

Adidas Kids Store: Carousel

- Halit Ziya Usakligil Caddesi
- Carousel AVM
- 34710 Istanbul
- Turkey

Adidas Kids Store: One Tower

- Oran Mahallesi, Kudüs Caddesi,
- One Tower AVM
- Magaza No: 1G/25
- 06312 Ankara
- Turkey

Adidas Kids Store: Mall of Africa

- Magwa Crescent, Midrand
- Karkloor Street
- Mall of Africa
- 2066 Johannesburg
- South Africa

Adidas Kids Store: Plaza Lima

- Av. Paseo de la republica S/N
- C.C. Plaza Lima Sur
- Lima
- Peru

Adidas Kids Store: Santafe

- Cra 43A No. 7
- Sur-170. Avenida el Poblado
- Local 2269-2271
- Centro Comercal Santa Fe
- 5001 Medellín
- Colombia