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Q: Adidas kids football boots - what are the options?

A Adidas kids football boots are generally designed for ages 4-8 years. Boots designed for older age groups are classified as youth / junior football boots. The types of Adidas football boots available for kids are mostly the same as for older age groups; but some types of boots do not appear to be currently available: like the Copa Mundial. The following types of Adidas football boots are currently available for kids: ACE, X and MESSI. All of these boot types are continually updated; so the version you can purchase will change from season to season.

The ACE football boot has the most "natural feel" and is what you would describe as a traditional football boot; the Primeknit fabric used in it's construction makes it comfortable to wear. The X football boot is at the cutting edge of boot design; it currently features the X-CLAW stud configuration: which Adidas state enables improved "unpredictable" movement. The MESSI football boot is obviously popular with kids because it's promoted by the world's best football player; the boot includes the messiFRAME and messiGAMBETRAX technologies; which, according to Adidas, increase speed and traction.

The current versions of the ACE, X and MESSI kids football boots that are available are:

  1. ACE 16.3 Primemesh Turf Shoes
  2. ACE 16.3 Primemesh Indoor Shoes
  3. ACE 16.3 Firm Ground Boots
  4. ACE 16.3 Artificial Ground Boots
  5. X 15.4 Primemesh Turf Shoes
  6. X 15.4 Primemesh Indoor Shoes
  7. X 15.4 Firm Ground Boots
  8. X 15.4 Artificial Ground Boots
  9. Messi 15.3 Primemesh Turf Shoes
  10. Messi 15.3 Primemesh Indoor Shoes
  11. Messi 15.3 Firm Ground Boots
  12. Messi 15.3 Artificial Ground Boots